Creating Change

In this exercise we will focus on creating the change you want and need. It could be giving up something that has been a blockade to your goals or embracing some new habit or attitude.

Creating a Blueprint for Living

Living Intentionally is a statistically significant habit of high performers.  My own experience is that getting clear about what I want my life to look like changes everything.

Fear Setting Template

“What if I…..”  Fear has a nasty way of keeping us stuck.  In this exercise we list each fear as a way to look at it objectively and way the cost and rewards of both living in fear and taking action. 

Wheel of Life Exercise

The Wheel of life if a way of evaluating your level of satisfaction where you are currently and to help you visualize and determine areas of growth.

Enneagram Information Packet

A great introduction to the principles of the Enneagram that includes its history and symbolism, as we as links to tests I recommend. As a bonus included is do’s and don’ts for each type and a list of growth areas for each number.