Connection Inspiration Rejuvenation


Men of action.  Inspirational men.  Men that show up for their family, friends and community.  Men that want to be their best selves.  Men that aren’t afraid to do the work and  that don’t run away from a challenge.


  1. Spiritual self development backed by contemporary psychology
  2. Morning yoga and mediation led by master yoga teacher Dave Sims
  3. 6 delicious and healthy meals prepared on site
  4. Connection with like minded men from across the US dedicated toward growth
  5. Practical take aways to improve your life
  6. 2 nights stay in a twin bed (with linens and towels) in an incredible log cabin lodge on 138 acres of forrest and trails to explore and connect with nature.
  7. Small group, individual and one on one sessions designed to help you become a better man
  8. Opportunities to rest, play, relax and reflect away from responsibility
  9. Custom T-shirt as a reminder of your experience
  10. A life changing and transformative experience with some of the coolest men you have ever met

Not only are the exercises we will do powerful in and of themselves, doing this while connecting with other men dedicated towards growth and service is truly Awesomeness! Free from the responsibilities of work and family, this is an opportunity for rejuvenation, inspiration, and a time to connect in a meaningful way to other men. Although man doesn’t live by bread alone, we are going to eat well.  On this retreat all food both physical and otherwise will be provided.  Everything is taken care of…just show up and feel your shoulders drop.


It starts at 3pm on Friday, August 12th
and ends 3pm Sunday , August 14th

   Of course some will not be able to make it until later in the evening on Friday.  Dinner will be at 6 with our opening events starting at 7:30


Located on 138 acres of walking, running, and hiking trails, Craig Lodge is a massive 5000+ square foot log cabin with 16 beds, 4.5 baths, pool table, fire pit and walk out basement. It is centrally located in Bloomfield Indiana


The Food

We eat like kings all weekend. We cook and eat all our meals together family style. The conversations around the dinner table are truly priceless. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available as well.


You deserve it.  You deserve to be poured into, to be loved and encouraged. You deserve two days to recalibrate and re-center.  Your family will thank you.  Your children will thank you.  Why?  Because you will come back a better man than you left.


David Cunningham is a certified life coach specializing in helping men understand and reprogram their subconscious. He is a healer, nationally awarded artist, tenured college professor, flawed hero, father of 5, mystic, black belt, 23 year sober alcoholic, founder/leader of COA and lover of run-on sentences. He cares deeply about others and loves helping people reframe situations to find peace in the midst of difficulty.  For the past two decades, he has remained deeply committed to doing the deep, and often challenging, spiritual work required to heal and grow.  His passion for self-development and spiritual sensitivity has equipped him to listen and coach with compassion, kindness, humor and insight. 


How much would you expect to pay for 2 nights stay in a beautiful log cabin on 138 acres of wooded land? $400 How about if 5 amazing home cooked meals were included? $500
Add in top notch coaching and spiritual development for a caring and compassionate teacher? $800
T-shirt, book swap, board breaking, yoga, campfire s’mores, and amazing conversation with incredible men? Value provided = $1000

Because I believe that not having the funds is not an excuse, I offer sliding scale pricing. Essentially, you pay what you can afford based on your current economic situation with the caveat that you are deeply committed to doing the work.

Sliding Scale Pricing

$625 I am abundant and have the funds to help pay for those that don’t.
$475 I am doing well, but this is all I can afford right now.
$300-100 I am struggling right now financially, but am deeply committed to doing the work.

I am committed to making COA available to every man that is willing to do the work regardless of finances. If you feel led to do this work and are fully committed to living a hell yeah life of badassery, then you are most welcome brother.

***Single beds are limited to the first 18 men who sign up. However, if you are the camping/roughing it type there is plenty of room to pitch a tent or sleep under the stars.


Sorry all spots are sold out!!!

Testimonials From Participants

“I haven’t experienced anything quite like that weekend, well, ever. It was intense, rewarding, and it showed me what happens when people are truly vulnerable with each other. It was a beautiful thing.”

“I push myself to be more successful in work, family, and health.  But I seldom find ways to challenge and inspire my heart and spirit that is the center of it all.  That is what the weekend is all about.”

“COA was a rare experience in American culture. Within the first hour, a level of vulnerability was reached that is seldom experienced in any other facet of life. I felt welcomed and invited to be myself with no pretense. It was healing.”

“COA was a rare experience in American culture. Within the first hour, a level of vulnerability was reached that is seldom experienced in any other facet of life. I felt welcomed and invited to be myself with no pretense. It was healing.”

“While the retreats’ interactions certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone they also seemed to open a door to a more human experience…a break from my constant cerebral focus.  I still draw on the insight, perspective and conversations born from that weekend.”