Overcoming limiting beliefs is a monthly group with the intention of doing the deep work of uprooting those beliefs that hold us back.  Unfortunately, these subconscious beliefs guide and direct our behavior regardless of our conscious desires.

These monthly meetings allow you to slowly “peel the onion” and get to the issues underneath your issues so that you can stop sabotaging your finances, health, relationships, and peace of mind.  The format will include visualization, meditation, intuition, and small group work.  Some of the topics covered include uncovering hidden fear and resentment, techniques for releasing shame, letting go of limiting language, and discovering personal values.

As an award-winning professor for two decades, an empath, and professional coach, David creates a welcoming, safe and friendly environment to learn, heal, grow, and transform.  David shares the same techniques he employs with high performing executives at Google, IBM and the United States Airforce officers which are a unique balance of the practical and supernatural.   After 23 years of recovery, he has a gift for uncovering hidden agendas, subversive beliefs and seeing past the excuses that keep us stuck.