“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

The Warrior’s way is a brotherhood of men fully committed to healing, growth and transformation.  They are willing to let go of self-medication, expose their fears and shame publicly, and do the work necessary to become the man that they are designed to be.  

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”

– Confucius

What It Is

  • A tribe of 10 men committed to their own spiritual, mental, and emotional growth
  • Full, transparent, unapologetic honesty in a safe and confidential space
  • 10 months of 100 minute group meetings (virtually) once a month
  • Individual accountability with another man in the group weekly
  • Spiritual exercises to push, challenge, and transform you into the spiritual warrior you are designed to be

What It Isn’t

  • A social club where you chit chat about surface things with your buddies.
  • Group therapy where you talk on and on about your problems.
  • Spiritual Novocain to make you feel better about your life in spite of not dealing with the issues.

Requirements to Qualify

Show up on time, prepared, every month for the full 10 months.  No excuses.  No exceptions.  Your spiritual growth and the support of the others has to be paramount and a priority.  

No self-medication.  This includes but isn’t limited to drugs (unless prescribed), alcohol, tobacco, pornography.  Other common areas of self-medication such as food, shopping, gambling, etc will be at your discretion. Honesty and transparency with accountability partner in these areas is required. 

40 minute weekly meetings with accountability partner in the group.  This will be structured.  Each person will speak for 15 minutes covering all areas of their life while the other listens without comment.  The other person will then have 5 minute of thoughts to share about what has been said.  Then the roles are reversed.  You will have the same accountability partner throughout the 10 weeks. 

One hour of reading or spiritual exercises a month.  Your insights and takeaways from this will be shared at our monthly virtual “campfire.”  If you don’t do the work, you cannot contribute and are stealing from the group.  This will not be tolerated.  

Ten minutes of daily meditation for 10 months.  If we are going to break through the fog of business and confusion that keeps us blind we must commit to a daily practice.  

Total and complete confidentiality.  Nothing said within the group of accountability relationship is ever shared outside the group. Ever.  Including wives, best friends, and therapists.  


How much is changing your life worth to you? Improving your relationships? Breaking through the fear and shame that has kept you stuck?

The cost is $275 paid in full up front. My promise is if you show up and do the work for the full 10 months and you don’t have a powerful meaningful experience that is worth at least twice that much I will happily give you your money back in full.  No questions asked.  


All meetings will be at 8pm eastern time via Zoom. 

  1. October 18 – Know Your Mask
  2. November 22 – Letting go of the False Self
  3. December 20 – Acknowledge Your Wounds
  4. January 24 – Victim or Creator
  5. February 28 – Discover Your Purpose
  6. March 28 – Discover Your Purpose
  7. April 25 – Living Beyond Your Edge
  8. May 23 – Death of Ego and Body
  9. June 20 – Setting Your Priorities
  10. July 25 – Owning Our Power

“A warrior thinks of death when things become unclear. The idea of death is the only thing that tempers our spirit.”

Carlos Castaneda